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Egg Weight Grading Machine

Egg Weight Grading Machine

The demand of eggs is very high due to the value of its protein to the human brain and body. Eggs are sold in myriad sizes and quantities as per the market standards. It is essential to inspect eggs for its wholesomeness and safety. But it is also very crucial to grade eggs for its quality. Egg grading is done based on its interior quality and shell condition and after that they are categorized by size.


In the past, eggs were examined by holding a candle against it. The light from the candle illuminated the interior of the egg for inspection. Today, advanced technology is used to study the interiors of eggs. However, the inspection process is still called ‘candling’.

Eggs are rotated over high-density light and the inside of the egg is assessed by the size of the air cell. So, what is the air cell? It is the space determined between the egg white and the shell at greater end of the egg. The smaller is the air cell, the most preferable eggs are those. Other factors taken into consideration for judging the quality of the egg interior include the proportion and quality of albumen (egg white) and the firmness of the yolk.

At Hybridagrobots, the best eggs are categorized as grade AA and they are considered having thick whites and high, round yolks. The next lot of eggs are categorized as grade A that are slightly lower in quality than the grade AA. These egg whites are considered reasonably firm. The last category is the grade B eggs that have flatter yolks and thinner whites. This category of eggs is often processed into frozen, dried, or liquid products. Of all the categories, the grade A is the most popular ones sold in stores.

Egg Weight Grading Machine


The eggshells are closely inspected for shape, texture, cleanliness and lack of cracks. The eggs are tapped multiple times by the pros to record the sound. If the tap makes a high-pitch ring then it means the eggshell is intact. However, a thumping sound indicates there is a probable crack. Grade AA and grade A eggs generally have clean and unstained shells, while grade B eggs have small stains or slight cracks on them.


It must be noted that the egg size is not dependent on the grade. For example, grades AA and grade A eggs may be of large size, while grade A and grade B eggs are of jumbo sizes.

Our Hybridagrobots team categorize the egg collection procedure based on the customer’s requirements, farm layout, and size. We transfer the eggs from the Egg Collection System to the Egg Weight Grading Machine where the eggs are graded on various factors like quality, size, weight before being transferred to the store.

Egg Grader Section

In this section, all the eggs brought from the Egg Collection System are carefully washed, sanitized, refrigerated, graded, packaged, and transferred to the grocery stores.

What are the parameters for grading eggs?

Size- Eggs are categorized based on their sizes which include jumbo, large medium, and small.

Quality- The interior quality of the egg is judged by the condition and thickness of the egg white and yolk. On the other hand, the exterior quality, i.e., the shell is examined based on its appearance.

Colour- Eggs generally appear in two colours, white and brown.

Type- The eggs are categorized based on their types that are organic, cage-free, free-range, and enriched.

Weight Based on the size and volume of the egg interior, the weight of the egg is determined.

Egg Grading

Grade AA- These are high quality eggs with thick, firm and good quality whites and yolks. The shells are unbroken and are without any stains.

Grade A- The egg whites are reasonably firm which means the quality of the yolk and white is good but not up to the standard of grade AA eggs.

Grade B- The yolks are flatter and the egg whites are thinner. The exterior shells may show signs of cracks.

About Egg Size

Eggs are not differentiated on what big they look what the dimension of the eggs is. At Hybridagrobots, we try to understand the egg’s minimum new weight as required per dozen eggs. And according to it, we determine the size of an egg.

Egg Weight Grading Machine
What is the Safe Handling Standard we maintain?

We transfer our eggs in cartons that convey a very significant message. Store the eggs in refrigerator, cook the eggs until the whites and yolks are totally cooked, and cook all food thoroughly that have eggs in them.