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Fruit and Vegetable Grading Machine

Fruit and Vegetable Grading Machine

Fruits and vegetables play an important role in our daily diet plan. Therefore, it is vital that we eat healthy and live a vigorous life without any compromises with the quality of the fruits and vegetables we intake. Keeping this in mind, our team at Hybridagrobots, ensure that all the fruits and vegetables undergo maximum scrutiny under our fruit and vegetable grading machine with maximum precision.

Fruit and Vegetable Grading Machine

Round Fruit Grading Machine

Our beautifully designed fruit grading machine is classified into two types:

Optical Grading Machine

Mechanical Grading Machine

While the optical machine uses light technology to grade the fruits into different categories based on their quality, colour, size, etc., the mechanical grading machine uses the power of automation and is used to grade the fruits based on their quality, colour, size, etc.

Specifications of Optical Apple Grader:

Grading at 3+tonnes/hour

Grading based on colour, size, and quality of the fruit

RGB cameras and white lights

8 bins and above

Multiple lane support

Specifications of Mechanical Apple Grader:

Grades fruits based on shape, size, and quality

Electrically aided automation process

Mechanically aided automation process

No vision support

Our Optical Fruit Grading machine is further divided into two categories based on their structure:

Mobile Plant

Stationary Plant

At present, Hybridagrobots is focused on grading fruits like apple, pears, etc. Apple is the most delicate and beautiful fruit. The fruit’s outer skin can get bruised easily given its fragility and texture. Rough and unprofessional handling can damage the fruit and make it unusable instantly, thus pulling down its selling price.

Hence, the sorting and grading of apple must be carried out with utmost care. This is why your delicate produce must get the needful attention and top-quality care of the Hrbridagrobots grading and sorting process.

So, what sets us apart? We ensure maximum efficiency to yield the best quality apples. Our smart technology and advanced machine features make sure that the fruit reaches fresh even to the most distant but profitable markets. Our USP is that our experts take the time and honest effort to listen to the concerns of each customer so that we can deliver what we guarantee.